Welcome to Alemany Honey

Welcome to Alemany Honey

Filomena Altera

We are excited to welcome the products from Mels Alemany (www.alemany.com) to Bottega Mediterranea.

Mels Alemany was created in the 1970s by Miquel Alemany who started to produce a delicious nougat (turrón). The company is located in Alemany is located in the town of Os de Balaguer in the county of La Noguera, around 14 km from the city of Balaguer heading towards the Àger Valley, Spain.

Os de Balaguer is a tiny village with barely 400 inhabitants surrounded by a chain of small mountains that give it particular charm. It is the perfect setting since its large extensions of uncultivated land make it possible for herbs such as rosemary and thyme to grow wild, which yield outstanding honey in the town of Os de Balaguer, in Spain.

Mels Alemany has a delicious portfolio of honeys and nougats that we will proudly carry at Bottega Mediterranea.

We look forward for you to try the meticulously crafted honeys and nougats from Mels Alemany.