Carnaroli Rice Extra Category - 17.5 oz

Carnaroli Rice Extra Category - 17.5 oz

$ 11.99

Variety of Indic rice, with a long and crystalline grain. Similar to long-grain rice with a very appealing perfume.  Traditionally grown in the Himalayan foothills.

Recommended for the preparation of salads and side dishes. Two proportions of water to one part rice. Approximate cooking time 15 minutes.

At SIVARIS we are much more than rice retailers; we produce our own home grown rice and market it especially for our customers. Our family has cultivated rice for generations. The Company is situated in Valencia, well known for cultivating rice since the XII century. Thanks to the fortunate geographical location of our paddy fields, we are able to cultivate on Valencia's Natural Albufera Park (Parque Natural de la Albufera) most of our varieties using environmentally friendly methods and respecting the natural plans.  As specialists in cultivation, we are producers of certified seeds with a varietal purity and guaranteed germination.

Our rice has always had an exceptional quality; this has made us be the most popular choice of suppliers, select stores and important restaurants that rely the finest range of cooking products.  Since 2006, when we launched the SIVARIS brand, we have received many important national and international awards because the originality and excellent presentation of our packaging.