Alemany 1879 Orange Blossom Spanish Honey 500 gr.
$ 12.99
100% Spanish Honey - Mono-floral (Orange Blossom) honey. Alemany Mel y Turrón is an independent honey and turrón producer located in the remote valley of Os de Balaguer in northern Spain. They gather honey from all over Spain — and only from Spain — concentrating on monofloral (single flower) varieties like rare thyme, rosemary and chestnut honey. Alemany's artisanal production practices have remained unchanged for five generations. It is unusual to find a honey line with thyme, rosemary and chestnut, to say nothing of the unique orange blossom honey with orange peels or creamy hazelnut paste. The packaging is well sized and consumer friendly, the flavors are clean and the ingredients are the all right stuff.

  • Orange Blossom Honey
  • 100% Spanish Honey
  • Mono-floral Honey