La Malva Rosa Tagliatelle Tartufo Bianco 250 gr.

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La Malva Rosa Tagliatelle Tartufo Bianco


Product Category: Egg pasta 

Ingredients: durum wheat flour, eggs 20%, white truffle 2% (Tuber magnatum Pico), Porcini Mushrooms (Boletus edulis), flavourings, milk. May contain traces of soya. 

Directions of use: Obtained in a traditional way and worked for lamination, our egg pasta is subjected to a slow drying at low temperatures, which resembles the natural drying and gives quality and excellence. The use of carefully selected flour and fresh eggs only, lend excellent organoleptic characteristics to the finished product. 

250 gr. 4/5 servings. Cooking time: 2/3 minutes. 

Season our tagliatelle with butter or extra virgin olive oil. 

Category of consumers who require special instructions: categories of people who are allergic/intolerant to: Cereals containing gluten, Eggs, milk and products thereof. 

Produced in a factory where soya is used. 

Shelf-life: 36 months 

Preservation rules: To be preserved in cool and dry place, away from heat sources.

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