Mousse Agrodolce al Tartufo - Bittersweet Mouse with Truffles

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The Bittersweet Mousse with Truffle is an innovative product, a new way to enjoy the White Balsamic, perfect to surprise your guests with sympathy, taste and elegance.

The Bittersweet Mousse with Truffle is a smooth, frothy foam of soft consistency, perfect for decorating all your dishes. Appetisers, vegetables, pasta dishes, main dishes of fish or meat.

This soft Mousse will delight your palate, giving them a touch of Innovation and the great taste of the best White Balsamic.

Colour: White
Aroma: The aroma is fragrant, fresh and young, with a distinct hint of Truffle.
Flavour: Balanced, fine, pleasantly sweet and sour, with a good flavour of Truffle

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